Process and Procedures

NSIRA Rules of Procedure

Pursuant to section 7.1 of the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency Act (NSIRA Act), the Review Agency may determine the procedure to be followed in the exercise of its powers or the performance of any of its duties or functions. The Review Agency’s procedures for its complaint investigations are formalized with Rules of Procedure, which can be found here:

Investigations Service Standards

The Review Agency’s service standards set time limits within which certain investigative steps for each type of complaint should be accomplished under normal circumstances. They can be found here:

NSIRA Complaint Forms

Complaint against CSIS

Form 16

Complaint against CSE

Form 17

Complaint – Security Clearances

Form 18


Form 1302

Notice of Informal Resolution

Form 1009

Notice of Motion

Form 1301

Statement of Events


Summary of Anticipated Evidence

Form 1200


Form 800

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