Tabling of the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency’s 2019 Annual Report on the Disclosure of Information under the Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act

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Ottawa Ontario, December 11, 2020  – The first annual report of the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) on the Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act (SCIDA or the Act) was tabled in Parliament today, Friday, December 11, 2020.

Parliament enacted SCIDA in 2019 to improve the sharing of intelligence and national security information between federal agencies. NSIRA is required, under its governing legislation, to submit an annual report to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness on disclosures made under SCIDA the previous year. This report fulfils that obligation for 2019.

The report provides Parliamentarians and Canadians with information about SCIDA, how the Act fits alongside other laws that govern information sharing, and a summary of the disclosures federal agencies made under the Act in 2019. It also sets out NSIRA’s expectations and intentions for the future, and explains why information sharing is an important national security issue.

Key findings:

  • Overall, NSIRA found that in 2019 federal agencies made good progress towards institutionalizing SCIDA.
  • From the time that SCIDA came into force on June 21, 2019 until December 31, 2019, federal agencies used the Act to share national security information 114 times.
  • NSIRA observed that federal agencies used SCIDA to share national security information, as intended, and that disclosures contained information sharing caveats, as the Act requires.
  • The report overviews specific issues to address across the national security community to ensure consistency with the Act.

NSIRA is looking forward to collaborating with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada on the next annual SCIDA report. This collaboration will avoid duplication and leverage the expertise of both organizations.

“We hope that our first annual report on the Security of Canada Information Disclosure Act will both inform Canadians as to how federal agencies share national security information, and give them confidence that strong accountability and transparency mechanisms are in place and working as intended. We look forward to engaging Canadians on the report’s findings.”

– The Honourable Dr. Ian Holloway, P.C., C.D., Q.C. (NSIRA Interim Chair)

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Tahera Mufti
Manager, Communications and Strategic Engagement
National Security and Intelligence Review Agency


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