NSIRA establishes independent expert review of national security and intelligence activities from all federal departments and agencies ,and informs Parliament and Canadians of the lawfulness of their government’s actions.

NSIRA has a broad mandate that allows its members to review any national security or intelligence activity undertaken by any Canadian federal organization. NSIRA reviews are focused on supporting democratic accountability and transparency in the use of national security and intelligence powers.

NSIRA completes in-depth reviews that assist Parliament and Canadians in determining whether the national security and intelligence community has complied with the law and Ministerial Direction. NSIRA also assesses whether the activities in question were reasonable and necessary.

NSIRA reviews contain findings and make recommendations that help reviewed organizations ensure compliance. But NSIRA is not limited to compliance, reasonableness, and necessity, and can make any findings or recommendations it considers appropriate.

Reviewed organizations provide responses to NSIRA’s recommendations and implementation plans. NSIRA tracks the implementation of its recommendations on an ongoing basis.

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