Technology Review

NSIRA’s review mandate requires it to understand how Canada’s national security and intelligence agencies use technology. The responsibilities of NSIRA’s Technology Directorate include:

  • leading the review of information technology (IT) systems and capabilities;
  • assessing a reviewed entity’s IT compliance with applicable laws, ministerial direction, and policy;
  • conducting independent technical investigations;
  • recommending IT system and data safeguards to minimize the risk of legal non-compliance;
  • producing reports explaining and interpreting technical subjects;
  • leading the integration of technology themes into yearly NSIRA review plans;
  • leveraging external expertise in the understanding and assessment of IT risks; and
  • supporting assigned NSIRA members in the investigation of complaints.
low angle photography of missile silo hole

The Technology Directorate is an evolving team with a growing academic research network, fostering domestic and international partnerships in the pursuit of technical expertise.

More information about our activities can be found in NSIRA’s annual reports. Individuals who are interested in working with the Technology Directorate or elsewhere at NSIRA are encouraged to apply here.

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