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Our mission is to serve Canadians by conducting trusted, independent expert reviews and investigations of Canada’s national security and intelligence activities.  Created in 2019, we are a new organization building our capacity to deliver on our mandate.  As we do so, we are intent on becoming an employer of choice in the federal government through building an excellent working environment, dedication to our people and establishing review as a long-term career choice.

We are a team of about 100 dedicated professionals composed primarily of analysts, lawyers, technologists and corporate services professionals.  We work at multiple locations in the National Capital Region and our main office is centrally located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, steps from public transit, shopping, cafés, and restaurants.

Interested in understanding more about our work? Read our most recent Annual report to see highlights of our achievements.

Job opportunities

We are always interested in talking to Canadians interested in joining our organization.  Please contact us here for any inquiries related to working at NSIRA.

Existing opportunities can be found at

Interchange Canada

An interchange is an excellent idea to consider if you want to explore a new opportunity.  We have many staff out on interchange, and frequently host professionals from elsewhere in the public service or from organizations outside the public service.

Current Opportunities

Job Listing #1

Should NSIRA determine it is not within its mandate to investigate your complaint, your complaint file will be closed. NSIRA will inform you, by letter, of its decision.

Your complaint may not have been accepted by NSIRA as your complaint does not concern an activity carried out by CSIS and/or NSIRA is satisfied that your complaint is trivial, frivolous or vexatious or made in bad faith.

Job Listing #2

NSIRA will inform you and the respondent (s) of the next steps in the complaint process.

NSIRA may contact you and seek your availability for an investigative interview to clarify the nature and scope of your allegations. It may hold a case management conference to determine procedural matters.

NSIRA may also determine that an oral or written hearing is necessary in order to fully investigate and consider some or all of the issues of your complaint

Job Listing #3

Once NSIRA has examined the documentary evidence, conducted investigative interviews and/or held a hearing, the NSIRA Member assigned to investigate your complaint will prepare a final report which will include its findings and/or recommendations based on the evidence and written submissions received from the parties. An unclassified copy of the final report will be sent to you.

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