Ongoing Reviews

Update on NSIRA’s Review of the Communications Security Establishment’s Internal Security Program (Safeguarding)


NSIRA’s Review of CSE’s Internal Security Program commenced in March, 2021. Today, it is releasing publicly a copy of the Terms of Reference for the Review, as well as a communiqué to be issued internally at CSE on behalf of NSIRA. Although the focus of this review is on the entirety of CSE’s internal security program, a significant element will consist of the first-ever evaluation of the use of the Polygraph in the security screening process at CSE. Given the nature and degree of personal information collected by CSE from prospective applicants as well as current employees and contractors as part of the security screening process, NSIRA recognizes that individuals involved may have concerns about the potential impact this review may have on their privacy. NSIRA is releasing these documents publicly to address these concerns and dispel any myths about the purpose, scope and methodology of this review, as well as to describe some of the measures NSIRA is taking to respect the privacy of individuals.

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