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Statement from the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency on Submitting its Special Report on Political Foreign Interference to the Prime Minister

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On April 26, NSIRA provided its Special Report on the Government of Canada’s production and dissemination of intelligence on foreign interference in the 43rd and 44th Canadian federal elections to the Prime Minister.

The Special Report is a redacted version of the classified report initially sent to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Public Safety, National Defence and Foreign Affairs on March 5.

As required by section 52(1)(b) of the NSIRA Act, NSIRA consulted with deputy heads of each department and agency involved in the review to ensure that the Special Report does not contain injurious or privileged information. 

From the outset of its review, while working independently from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP), NSIRA ensured there was no unnecessary duplication of work between the two review bodies.

In line with obligations under the NSIRA Act, the Special Report must be tabled in each House of Parliament within the first 15 days on which that House is sitting.

Owing to parliamentary privilege, NSIRA will not comment on the contents of its report until this special report is tabled in Parliament.

Recognizing the importance of this topic to Canadians, NSIRA made every effort to draft the report in a manner that would be largely releasable. Once it is tabled in Parliament, NSIRA will promptly share the Special Report with the public through its website, ensuring transparency and public awareness.

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