NSIRA’s Students Program

Our students are a critical part of our success.  We do our best to involve them in all aspects of our mandate delivery.  NSIRA hires Canadian university students through the Government of Canada’s Federal Student Work Experience Program and directly through university co-op programs.  Typically, we initiate student recruitment processes around 8 months in advance to allow sufficient time for top-secret security clearances to be issued. Some student positions may be held at a lower security classification and outside the Capital region. 

Our primary interest is in degree programs and specializations that complement NSIRA’s review mandate, including:

  • fields related to national security, intelligence and defense, social science programs with research components;
  • law ; articling opportunities will provide you with the opportunity to develop the essential knowledge, skills and experience for practicing law;
  • specialties in computer science, computer engineering, data science, information studies, and cybersecurity;
  • research-intensive humanities (history, political science, etc.), the digital humanities, and interdisciplinary fields where research plays a major role; and
  • administrative roles (administration, human resources and finance)

NSIRA’s PhD program

Doctoral and post-doctoral research students in areas related to NSIRA’s mandate possess precisely the kind of skills and competencies we are looking as review advisors.  Students completing their PhD in a field relevant to our mandate may be interested in applying to our PhD program.  Each year, we offer selected candidates a two-year term assignment in the EC group.

For more information about NSIRA’s Student and  PhD program, please contact us.

Note : Students applying for NSIRA opportunities must be Canadian citizens and must meet NSIRA’s security and suitability requirements in order to be considered for employment.

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